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Accessible on PC, Notebook, Tablet and Mobile. Suitable to be set as Web browser startup page.
Web service JustClick
  • Product A: 4-page facilitative and helpful Web service. the first page is a Web link collection, the second page is a collecting/classifying tool for web links, the third page is a tool that helps you store information about your personal books, drugs and etc in web browser on your device securely and the fourth page is a scheduler to make appointments. A modern and very useful online collecting and classifying tool just for the Price of US $ 3.5, one time payment(There are no monthly and yearly fees). This product collects and categorizes many web addresses that everybody needs almost every day and resources will be expanded and updated regularly. Screen shot for the second and third page
  • Product B: Youtube video and PlayList collecting tool. This service makes it possible to collect and classify youtube videos and PlayLists separately. In addition you can watch videos in 2 embeded Youtube screens on your page. Price: US $ 1.9, one time payment(There are no monthly and yearly fees). Screen shot